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Both beaches can be reached by taking the LIND POINT TRAIL from Cruz Bay. Those with vehicles can shorten the walking distance to these beaches by taking Route 20 (the North Shore Road) past Mongoose Junction and up the hill. Turn left at the top of the hill where there is a blue Virgin Islands National Park sign. At the very beginning of this road, on the right hand side, is a parking area for approximately four vehicles. Park here, and no where else, as the National Park's enforcement pe.cgie will ticket illegally parked vehicles. Here the CANEEL HILL SPUR TRAIL is intersected by Route 20 (The North Shore Road). Take this trail north and downhill to reach Honeymoon Bay. For the shorter walk to Salomon Bay walk to the end of the paved road where you will find a short spur trail which leads to the LIND POINT TRAIL. Turn right when you get to the main trail, and then turn left and down on the Salomon Bay Spur Trail, and walk 0.2 mile to the beach.

Salomon Bay has no facilities such as lifeguards, showers or bathrooms. Salomon Bay has a reputation for being a CLOTHING OPTIONAL BEACH and there will often be nude sunbathers here. At Honeymoon Bay there is a garbage can, a picnic table and an old, now seemingly unused, building that could still serve as a changing area.

There is a beautiful VIEW from both beaches. The reef between Salomon and Honeymoon is the best, easily accessible SNORKELING reef on the north shore.

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