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In spite of the objections of the Virgin Island National Park, it is very common to find nude sunbathers at Salomon Bay, which has the reputation of being St. John's clothing optional beach. Laws and ordinances against nudity are either not a.cgiicable or are rarely enforced. The National Park, however, maintains the option to enforce territorial laws against nudity.

The philosophical and political i.cgiications of nudity on public beaches, such as conflicting rights and community standards, can be sidestepped here. Salomon and Honeymoon Beaches are right next to each other, but one is not visible from the other. The physical characteristics of the two beaches, such as ease of access, white sands, vegetation and views, are almost identical. Therefore nudists, or those who si.cgiy don't care what clothing others are wearing or not wearing, can go to Salomon Bay, while those who feel even the least bit uncomfortable can go to Honeymoon Bay.

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St. John, US Virgin Islands

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